Student Council

The Student Council is an organization of student leaders, whose mission is to serve the student body, as well as the school. It is their responsibility to set a positive example for the rest of the student body, promote the interests of the students, inform the students on subjects that concern them, organize fundraisers and events that benefit the school and the local community, and most importantly to be the voice of the students at Saint Anthony Catholic School.

2015-16 Student Council:

Our Student Council President is Sloan Berry. She was elected by the junior high students as were all the officers.

  • Leads all student council meetings
  • Helps as a facilitator during discussions at those meetings
  • Maintains frequent contact with faculty and administration on all student council projects and fundraisers
  • Works with and advises the faculty and the administrator on all planning for Student Council related activities

Vice President: Sophie Wilberg

  • Works closely with President
  • Assumes the President’s duties when she is not available
  • Works with the President and Treasurer in organizing and preparing the Student Council Calendar as well as the Budget for the school year

Treasurer: Gian Santos

  • Oversees all expenses and budget of Student Council
  • Keeps a record of all money raised for school and any charities by the Student Council
  • Advises the President on issues related to money and budget when necessary

Secretary:  Connie Mack

  • Keeps an account of items discussed at meetings
  • Keeps an accurate account of attendance at every meeting
  • Maintains contact information of all members of student council, and acts as a coordinator for events and fundraisers
  • Helps plan any Student Council events and activities

Chaplain:  Isabella Donnelly

  • Is the Student Council’s spiritual leader
  • Leads the group in prayer before meetings
  • Acts as a coordinator between Student Council and Father Grady / Mrs. Solenski for any community service projects
  • Will lead the group in a closing prayer and reflection upon completing a project, event, or goal.