By their deeds you will know them!  Service is the external expression of an internal belief and faith in Christ’s message to love God and to love your neighbor.  Students are required to see how they can help and serve others as Christ did.  Throughout the school year the students participate in local and global mission activities to bring the light of Christ to others.  There is the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive in November and the Operation Rice Bowl during Lent.  Students eagerly respond to many needs that arise throughout the year. They have helped earthquake and hurricane victims and others who are less fortunate.

Students at the junior high level are required to verify and confirm the following number of service hours each semester:

Grade 8: 9 per semester; 18 per year.

Grade 7: 7 per semester; 14 per year.

Grade 6: 5 per semester; 10 per year.

Service projects are an integral part of the preparation for Confirmation.  Students are monitored in fulfilling this commitment to serve others.