Home & School Association

Dear Saint Anthony Families,

On behalf of the Saint Anthony Home and School Association Board, it is with great pleasure that we welcome all new and returning families to our school community.

It is the Board’s purpose to work in the best interest of the children enrolled in Saint Anthony Catholic School. This includes providing spiritual and economic support to the children, faculty, and staff of the School, and raising funds to assist with the costs of capital improvements and special projects and programs.

To that end, we sponsor several major events each year. We kick things off with the Community Fair in September and by October we’re in full swing with the Annual Dinner Dance & Auction. Throughout the school year, there are Movie Nights and special socials for the families on the school campus. Each event brings lots of opportunities for fun, as well as, opportunities to participate and volunteer.

It takes our community working as a team to ensure that the educational and spiritual legacy of Saint Anthony Catholic School continues to thrive. We are very blessed at Saint Anthony’s to have individuals and families that go above and beyond to help each year. We encourage you to be a part of the traditions that are part of the charm and history of the school. We promise you’ll have a good time, make some new friends, and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

We look forward to working with all of you to benefit the children of Saint Anthony Catholic School!

Father Michael Grady Pastor

Brenda Cummings Principal

Trishia Firth, President

Lois Nagle, Vice President

Jen Sharpe, Treasurer

Indira Gibbons, Secretary


Members At Large

Christina Moore, Home Room Parent Coordinator

Alex Schlich, Hospitality

Christina Moore, Kristin Garcia, Sarah Fowler, Community Fair Chairs

Kelly Panza, Tracy Schwegman, Trishia Firth, Auction Chairs

(Open), Grandparents Day