Extra Curricular Activities

National Junior Honor Society: Entrance into the National Junior Honor Society is based on exemplary academic achievement and conduct. Students develop leadership skills through planning and participation in social and community service activities.  Students are selected to be invited to join NJHS in the fall of their seventh grade year.

The Student Council: Student council is a service organization comprised of representatives from each homeroom. Projects range from participation in community service activities to sponsoring dances and other school-wide activities.  Officers for Student Council are elected and must be junior high students whose academics and conduct meet high standards.

Junior Varsity Sports: Students in grades five and six may qualify to be involved in junior varsity sports and competitions.  Students in grade five may participate in basketball, cheerleading, track & field, and volleyball.  Grade six may participate in soccer, basketball, track and field, cheerleading, volleyball, baseball, and flag football.  Sports competitions are governed by the All Broward Catholic Conference (ABCC).

Varsity Sports: Students in grades seven and eight may qualify to be involved in varsity sports and competitions.  Sports offered include soccer, basketball, track and field, cheerleading, volleyball, flag football, and baseball.  Sports competitions are governed by the ABCC.

Drama Club: Saint Anthony students in grades 5th through 8th may become members of the Drama Club.  Members put one play a year.

International Junior Thespians Society:  The International Thespian Society (ITS), founded in 1929, is an honorary organization for high school and middle school theatre students located at more than 4,200 affiliated secondary schools across America, Canada, and abroad. The mission of ITS is to honor student achievement in the theatre arts. High school inductees are known as Thespians and junior high/middle school inductees are known as Junior Thespians. ITS is a division of the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA).

Ballet: This class is offered to our pre-school students weekly.

Altar Servers: Any student who has received his/her First Holy Communion may be accepted as an altar server candidate.  Students attend training sessions and may be asked to serve at school, parish, and other special masses.

Spelling Bee: Saint Anthony students participate in the Spelling Bee that is held yearly at Saint Anthony Catholic School.

Math Competition: Outstanding math students participate in the math competition that is held yearly at Saint Thomas High School.

Junior High Academic Fair: The Junior High Academic Fair is an annual event where students choose a subject area of high interest to research and create a final project. This year’s categories include, but are not limited to, Engineering, Invention, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Space, Medical, Environmental Science, Arts, Literature, History, and Athletics.  The students work on their projects throughout 3rd Quarter, during allocated time, until the Academic Fair judging.  College students and professionals in each area of expertise volunteer their time to participate in this Saint Anthony Catholic School’s event.  Every year students are given a specific timeline and rubric that will ensure they are working to their fullest potential. The Junior High Academic Fair is student driven event. Each year the students of Saint Anthony Catholic School strive to go above and beyond thanks to the encouragement of our principal, Mrs. Maus, and facilitators.

Art Competitions: Saint Anthony art students participate in many competitions throughout the academic year.  Competitions may be archdiocese-wide or community-wide.  Yearly, art students also have two shows in which to display their work.

Choir: All students may become part of the Choir.  Students are required to attend practices and special events on the choir schedule.  Members participate in the Christmas show and Christmas on Las Olas.

Band: The opportunity to participate in band is available to students in grades three through eight.  Band practice is offered once per week.  Band members participate in all shows and events and at Barnes and Noble Book Fair Nights.