3D Printing:  An innovative course where students will research a real world problem and design a product that can resolve it. After submitting a proposal, students will print their invention on one of our 3D printers.

Coding:  A unique course that provides students of every level an opportunity to learn how to code at their own pace. Using the Swift Playgrounds app on the iPad, students will learn and explore the same powerful language used to create world class apps for the Apple App Store.

Drawing: Students are given the opportunity to learn and build fundamental drawing skills and techniques, such as shading, controlling tones, composition and drawing methods. Students will develop and learn to see with an artistic eye in order to capture what we see on paper.

Fitness & Conditioning: Students will complete workouts in the following anaerobic activities: intro to weight training, agility, and speed training, yoga, exercise bands, and distance running. Current topics and trends in fitness and health are also covered.

GNN Reloaded: This course focuses on the weekly production of GNN Reloaded. Students will be asked to collaborate on script writing, filming, and editing while learning how to handle the equipment successfully and developing their public speaking skills.

Keyboarding: This course is designed to provide an opportunity to learn to touch type on the computer keyboard using correct techniques as well as the development of speed and accuracy. Students will be introduced to the formatting of personal and business letters, tables, notes, memos, and reports. No previous keyboarding experience required.

Jewelry Making:  Students learn the whole process of making various types of jewelry in a fun, hands on crash course. After participating in this course, students will have different pieces of jewelry that they can take as a keepsake.

Lego Robotics: Students will learn to construct, control and program Lego robots through investigative and exploration activities. This course provides an introduction to robotics for students with no programming background using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kits.

Lego Engineering: A hands on course providing students with basic challenges while encouraging them to creatively build resolutions using Lego kits. With the instructor’s guidance and the student’s self-determination, student’s will discover and have a better understanding of the basics of engineering, and other concepts such as friction, momentum , motion, and simple levers.

Moot Trial: This course offers students the opportunity to examine a hypothetical case. Working with a local judge and attorneys, students will learn the rules of evidence and will simulate an actual trial while acting as attorneys, clients, and witnesses.

Newspaper: Students may be eligible to participate as newspaper staff members.  The school newspaper, The Hurricane Herald, is produced several times per year.

Science Fair: All junior high students are required to participate in the Broward County Science Fair.  Saint Anthony students typically have won ribbons in many areas of this yearly competition.

Service in Community: In this course, students will learn the power and rewards that are associated with giving service to others. Students will create a database of opportunities for service for all of Junior High, as well as record service hours for all students.  Opportunities to volunteer will be available in this class.

Spanish: Our purpose is to foster our understanding and appreciation of Hispanic cultures through partaking in community events as well as to increase awareness within our school community and enjoy the fellowship our classmates with similar interests.


Yearbook: Eighth grade students may be eligible to become members of the staff who produce our annual school yearbook.