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It’s Not Too Late For a Flu Shot

Public health officials urge  residents who haven’t received a flu shot  to get one as soon as possible. Recent reports indicate–particularly Influenza A is widespread and worsening. The number of flu cases is up sharply this season according to the CDC, and Central Florida has had a few deaths.

A yearly flu vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months or older. Vaccines are especially important for those at high risk for serious flu related complications such as young children, older people and those with certain health conditions.  For preventative steps, symptoms and treatment options for this flu season, visit the


How do we break bad habits and Start New Ones
(Six Seconds – The emotional Intelligence Network)


Writing a new habit or erasing an old one can be among the most rewarding benefits of practicing emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence gives us the tools to recognize our patterns, find the strength to change them, and identify our powerful motivations for doing so. Even still, transforming a new way of life into a habit is challenging. Ask the 92% of people who break their New Year’s resolutions every year. Luckily, we are not alone in this challenging process. Neuroscientists, social psychologists, and behavioral analysts have gone before us to help us demystify the process of our rewriting habits.

EG. Is my social media use a habit and how to break the “habit loop”.

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What’s with That Cough?!

If you have sat through Friday Mass, you may have been alarmed by the coughs heard throughout the pews among the little ones. Coughing is the only way your lungs can rid of irritants. The key is finding what is causing it and getting the help you need.

Some coughs are are triggered by a cold or flu, which can be treated with some of the following home remedies:

  • Stay hydrated. Liquids thin mucus and make it less irritable to the throat.

  • Use Saline/salt drops or sprays that can moisten the nasal passages and thin mucus.

  • Have chicken soup or honey. Chicken soup has many benefits when dealing with a cold or flu. Honey can be eaten alone or added to a drink but refrain honey from infants, which can cause infant botulism.

  • Use cough drops for people at least 4 years old to soothe and moisten the throat.

Red flag coughs may be chronic (last more than two weeks) or include blood-tinged phlegm, a great amount of phlegm or thick phlegm accompanied by fever, short of breath and wheezing. These symptoms require a visit to your doctor to determine diagnosis and treatment.

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To Recover from Failure, Try Some Self Compassion
(Harvard Business Review Jan 2017)


 If a good friend tells you about an ordeal they’re facing or a mistake they’ve made, how do you typically respond? In all likelihood, you offer kindness and comfort, perhaps speaking in a warm and soothing tone, and maybe offering a hug to show how much you care. When your friend recovers and the conversation continues, chances are that you’ll expand your support by encouraging your friend to take necessary action or try to discover how to steer clear of similar difficulties…Now reflect for a moment on how you treat yourself when you make a big mistake or experience a setback. It’s likely that you’re much tougher on yourself — that you spring to self-criticism (“I’m such an idiot!”), hide in embarrassment or shame (“Ugh!”), or ruminate for a long time on your perceived shortcomings or bad luck (“Why did this happen to me?”). When things go wrong in our lives, we tend to become our own worst enemy.
To recover emotionally and get back on your feet, here’s an approach you can take:

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Harvard Business review: Failures and self compassion



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