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April is National Autism Awareness Month

Autism spectrum disorder is a complex developmental disability that affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. It’s known as a “spectrum” disorder because there is a wide variation in the type and severity of symptoms people experience. Although autism can be diagnosed at any age, symptoms generally appear in the first two years of life.The Autism Puzzle Ribbon has become the most recognized symbol for the  autism community. Autism prevalence is now one in every 68 children in America. Show your support for people with autism by wearing the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon. More…


Protect Our Children

St. Anthony Catholic School encourages everyone to play a role in making our community a better place for children and families. By ensuring that parents have the knowledge, skills and resources they need to care for their children, we can help prevent child abuse and neglect by making meaningful connections with children, youth and families in our communities. Focusing on ways to connect with families is the best thing our community can do to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect. More…


Fortnite: What’s up with this game?

We’re hearing 4th graders through to 8th graders talking about this game, playing this game and playing this game with each other; regardless of the age difference.  We haven’t had a game take over our student’s lives like this since Minecraft.  So what is it all about?  Below are two pretty informative articles on the subject that I thought parents might find helpful.

Please keep in mind The American Academy of Pediatrics advises “consistent limits” on screen time and they warn parents that screen time should not take the place of adequate sleep or other healthy behaviors.

Wall Street Journal: How “Fortnite” defied convention & became a hit

Rolling Stone: The evolution of the world’s largest battle royale game