Saint Anthony Catholic School Campus

Saint Anthony Catholic School was completed in 1926.  Located west of the church, in the downtown Victoria Park historical neighborhood, the campus covers one city block and is located near downtown Fort Lauderdale.  The two-story building originally housed the four Adrian Dominican Sisters who were the teaching faculty for the initial sixty-four students.  There were the Sisters’ quarters upstairs with classrooms, the Front Office and the Principal’s Office.  In 1938 the Sisters moved into the new Convent freeing up the second floor for additional classrooms.  A small two-room change was made in 1940. In 1997, the two-story Spanish style structure designed by Francis Abreu was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In 1938 the Convent, a spacious two-story building was constructed.  The Sisters occupied the Convent until the 1980’s when there were no remaining nuns on the faculty.  The building was used for the much needed classroom space. In 2005 a renovation was completed and now the Convent is the Rose Miniaci Fine Arts Center and home to classrooms, Religious Education Office, Arts Integration, and an Innovation Center.

In 1940 the Gymnasium was constructed.  In addition to physical education classes, it is the place where men in our community play basketball at nights and on weekends.

In 1941 the two Pre-Kindergarten buildings (located at 915 NE 2 Street at the corner of NE 10 Avenue) were constructed as residences and became the classrooms for Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 students.  In 2017 after completing school construction, the Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 classrooms moved to the main campus.

Many improvements to the school have been made to the facility to enhance its beauty and meet our students needs and interests. Covered walkways and three new state of the Art Classrooms were built in 2016. We also are proud to have a hands on Science Lab for all students, a Makerspace and Film Room, in addition to a Resource Room.